STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, – May 22, 2024 – SciBase Holding AB (“SciBase”) [STO: SCIB], a leading developer of augmented intelligence-based solutions for skin disorders announced today that a new clinical study has been published presenting the improvement that the Nevisense provides over visual and dermoscopic evaluation when clinical evaluations were done by German dermatologists. The article named Utilizing Data from Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy Significantly Improves the Decision to Biopsy Pigmented Skin Lesions Beyond Clinical Evaluation and Dermoscopy” has been published in the journal “SKIN – The journal of cutaneous medicine”. The study included 151 German Dermatologists making a total of 22.197 clinical biopsy decisions. Nevisense was able to improve the rate of correct biopsy choice even after dermoscopic evaluation. While dermoscopy worsened diagnostic accuracy for benign lesions, Nevisense results were able to significantly improve decision making for these lesions as well. This study demonstrates the clinical utility of Nevisense technology for improving melanoma diagnosis.

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"This is a very important study and results for SciBase as it quantifies the improvement in clinical decision-making possible with Nevisense even compared to dermsocopy. In Germany dermoscopy is standard of care for Dermatologists. The study showed that the addition of Nevisense further improved dermatologists’ clinical performance. This is another publication that shows that Nevisense has a significant role in the diagnostic process to correctly identify malignant lesions in order to not miss any melanomas", says Pia Renaudin, CEO of SciBase.

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SciBase is a global medical technology company, specializing in early detection and prevention in dermatology. SciBase develops and commercializes Nevisense, a unique point-of-care platform that combines AI (artificial intelligence) and advanced EIS technology to elevate diagnostic accuracy, ensuring proactive skin health management.

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