Increased diagnostic accuracy in the detection of malignant melanoma

Nevisense is a safe and painless diagnostic support tool designed to complement a dermatologist’s regular visual examination. In difficult or borderline cases, it allows you to objectively analyze precise information collected from suspicious lesions prior to making a decision whether to excise. Nevisense makes it possible to increase accuracy in melanoma detection, leading to earlier detection and fewer unnecessary excisions. The Nevisense procedure is simple and effective:

1. Skin preparation

Before performing a measurement, moisten the lesion with physiological saline solution.

2. Lesion measurement

Perform the lesion measurement. Repeat the measurement procedure until the entire lesion is covered with measurements.

3. Evaluate results

The results of your measurements will be analyzed and displayed on the Nevisense screen within seconds. The Nevisense classifier provides an EIS score output reflecting the degree of atypia identified by the method. You can then combine the results of your visual inspection with the added, objective information provided by Nevisense to reach a more informed clinical decision.