SciBase CEO shares his knowledge and perspectives;

Letter from the CEO
SciBase newly appointed CEO, Pia Renaudin share here thoughts on SciBase path forward.

Letter from the Board
SciBase´s Chairman of the Board, Tord Lendau, on the company’s focus and strategy as SciBase paves the way for the future.

CEO Letter 10 – December 2022
As the end of 2022 approaches, Simon Grant, CEO of SciBase, summarizes the highlights that made this year an extremely eventful year.

CEO Letter 9 – January 2022
On MDR, NMSC and US Strategy.

CEO Letter 8 – September 2020
Nevisense Go & MDR.

CEO Letter 7 – July 2020
Progress and Covid-19.

CEO Letter 6 – May 2020
US progress and Nevisense Go.

CEO Letter 5 – April 2019
Nevisense 3.0 and Skin Barrier application.

CEO-letter 4  – November 2017
Updated strategy and securing our long-term capital needs.

CEO-letter 3  – April 2017
Future trends and technologies.

CEO-letter 2  – January 2017
Nevisense View – a new product with great potential.

CEO-letter 1  – December 2016
Teledermoscopy – good for increased awareness and access but is it good enough as a diagnostic method?