Founded in 1998, SciBase AB is a Swedish medical technology company, headquartered in Stockholm, that has developed a unique point of care device for the accurate detection of malignant melanoma.

The Scibase method is based on a technology called Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), which uses the varying electrical properties of human tissue to categorize cellular structures and thereby detect malignancies. Nevisense is a point-of-care device that has emerged from more than 20 years of academic research at Karolinska Institutet Stockholm and significantly increases the physician’s ability to detect and monitor skin tissue alterations. Nevisense has strong protections through a comprehensive patent portfolio and several other combined approaches that relate to technical and clinical development.

Several clinical studies have been performed to date for Nevisense, with excellent clinical results. A successful pivotal stud was published in Brirtish Journal of Dermatolopgy 2014, including 1,951 patients and 2,416 lesions at 22 sites in Europe and US. In addition the use of Nevisense in conjunction with short term monitoring of lesions was published in 2017 in the same paper. Furthermore, the impact of adding the Nevisense output to clinical decisions was published in 2018 in the JAAD paper. For more information, see “Clinical Studies” and “Publications”.

Nevisense has a CE mark in Europe, a TGA approval in Australia, and has received a US PMA approval from FDA in 2017. For information on markets where Nevisense is currently available, please see “Available Markets”