In light of the spread of the coronavirus, the board of directors has decided to implement certain precautionary measures for the extraordinary general meeting on 29 April 2020 in order to ascertain the well-being of the company’s shareholders’ as well as the opportunity for them to exercise their rights at the general meeting.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has made the assessment that the risk for spread of the virus is very high and recommend avoidance of large gatherings and crowds. If one cannot avoid large gatherings, any time spent in such a situation should be kept at a minimum. For this reason, the timeframe for the general meeting will be kept a minimum, without restricting the shareholders’ rights. No food or beverage will be served in connection with the general meeting and representatives of the board of directors and the senior management of the company will not attend physically, but only through telephone.

Voting by proxy

Considering the current situation, the shareholders are asked to consider the possibility not to attend the meeting in person and instead attend by proxy. The Swedish Parliament has adopted a temporary legislation, which from 15 April 2020 provides Swedish limited companies increased possibilities to collect proxies to facilitate general meetings. With support of this temporary legislation, the board of directors of SciBase Holding AB (publ) has resolved to provide the shareholders with a special proxy form for exercise of voting rights. Instead of attending the general meeting in person, a shareholder may use the proxy form to authorize representatives of SciBase Holding AB (publ) and Setterwalls Advokatbyrå AB to vote for their shares at the general meeting in accordance with the shareholder’s instructions. The proxy form can be downloaded http://investors.scibase.se/en/extra-general-meeting-april-29-2020.