STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, – February 28, 2024 – SciBase Holding AB (“SciBase”) [STO: SCIB], a leading developer of augmented intelligence-based solutions for skin disorders is pleased to announce a new partnership with Skinobs, a leading global platform connecting researchers with the tools they need for their cosmetic and medical research. Through this partnership, SciBase will now offer Nevisense for assessing skin barrier function within cosmetic testing on the Skinobs platform.

Through the Skinobs platform, researchers can easily find information on who is conducting what tests in the field of dermocosmetic, nutraceutical, and active ingredient testing. This collaboration will streamline the process for researchers looking to access the latest tools for their cosmetic and medical research. The cosmetic testing market segment represents a significant potential addressable customer base for SciBase and is expected to grow exponentially into 2030.

"SciBase is already involved in discussions with several large cosmetic companies who wish to use Nevisense in their research and development. In May this year, SciBase will present and exhibit at its first cosmetic research-focused international conference, the Cosmetotest cosmetics testing symposium in Lyon, France." said Pia Renaudin, CEO at SciBase.  "We are excited to be partnering with Skinobs to bring our innovative skin barrier function assessment technique to researchers globally. Nevisense is commonly utilized in medical research for assessing skin barrier health, hydration, healing, and inflammation, and we believe this partnership will extend our reach to cosmetic researchers in need of our products."

Skinobs provides cosmetic researchers around the world with easy access to preclinical and clinical testing methods and laboratories for evaluating active ingredients and cosmetic products on the skin, hair, or nails. Their platform covers a wide range of tests including stability, ecotoxicity, biodegradability, microbiology, safety, container/content interactions, sun protection, tolerance, efficacy, sensory analysis, and consumer tests.

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About Skinobs:

Skinobs is a French platform connecting researchers with the tools they need for cosmetic and medical research. With a focus on preclinical and clinical testing methods, Skinobs provides researchers with easy access to testing laboratories around the world.

About SciBase:

SciBase is a global medical technology company, specializing in early detection and prevention in dermatology. SciBase develops and commercializes Nevisense, a unique point-of-care platform that combines AI (artificial intelligence) and advanced EIS technology to elevate diagnostic accuracy, ensuring proactive skin health management.

Our commitment is to minimize patient suffering, allowing clinicians to improve and save lives through timely detection and intervention and reduce healthcare costs.

Built on more than 20 years of research at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, SciBase is a leader in dermatological advancements.

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