Nevisense 3.0

Nevisense 3.0 is the most important update so far to the Nevisense melanoma detection product. It is much easier to use, easier to learn and the time to perform the measurement is much more standardized.

Key Improvements in Nevisense 3.0

The main change in Nevisense 3.0 is that there is no longer a need for a separate reference measurement for each lesion to be tested. Now it is only required to perform a measurement on the lesion itself. The innovation that made this possible is that skin features previously taken from the reference measurement can now be extracted from the lesion. The advantages are many, and include:

  • Streamlined and predictable time to measure lesions
  • This makes it easier to schedule the procedure and has it more easily integrated in the clinic’s workflow.
  • Increased reproducibility of EIS score
  • Variation in underlying structure is no longer an issue.
  • Higher accuracy with Nevisense 3.0
  • Sensitivity remained at a high level at 97%, while specificity increased from 34% to 38%. In addition, the Negative Predictive Value increased from 98% to 99%.

Added Functionalities:

  • Dermogenius Ultra Integration
    • Improved clinical efficiency, workflow and GDT integration with the Dermogenius ultra digital dermoscopy system. Includes sharing of patient data and examination results between the two systems.
  • Intelligent guidance and in-device feedback
    • Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for improved user feedback, which will increase efficiency in clinical practice when using Nevisense.
  • Imaging functionality
    • Includes wifi connectivity and import of digital dermoscopy images. The functionality combines EIS results with digital dermoscopy images in the Nevisense device and in the patient report.