The consequences of the Covid19 outbreak have started to affect SciBase from mid-March, and there is a high risk that these could lead to a significant financial impact on the Group. However, the effects are very difficult to predict, and the situation is constantly changing.

First and foremost, we at SciBase are working to ensure that the business continues to operate to the best of our ability, but also with a focus of our employees’ health. Practically speaking, this entails (among other things), a call for the company’s employees to work from home and a travel ban.

The immediate, visible effects are that some of our most important conferences and meetings have been canceled or moved forward, and this has already had a negative effect on, and will continue to affect our sales over the coming period. It has become more difficult to hold physical customer meetings, and we are working to transfer these to virtual (video) or telephone meetings.

Given the uncertain situation at present, it is not possible to estimate the full potential impact for SciBase.

We continue to work together with our partners, customers and employees to handle this extraordinary situation in the best possible way.