SciBase  – Winner of 2011 Frost & Sullivan European Technology Award

The 2011 Frost & Sullivan Europe Technology Innovation Award in Skin Cancer Diagnosis was presented to SciBase AB for its groundbreaking development of a unique Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) technology for the detection of malignant melanoma. The award, based on criteria including uniqueness of technology, relevance to the industry and impact on functionality, customer value and new products/applications, is given in recognition of excellence and best practices in the field of skin cancer diagnosis.

“SciBase’s skin cancer diagnostic platform based on EIS technology, successfully meets the market need for a reliable, fast, portable and accurate decision support tool for objective evaluation of suspicious lesions,” notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Sangeetha Prabakar.

The jury’s concluding motivation reads as follows:

“The 2011 Europe F&S Technology Innovation Of The Year Award in skin cancer diagnosis is presented to SciBase AB in recognition of the company’s pioneering development of an EIS method for melanoma diagnosis. Global rise in skin cancer incidence, especially melanoma, and technical drawbacks of current technologies in detecting melanoma at early stages has created the need for a promising technology that can fill the void. The introduction of SiBase’s EIS technology is going to set the stage for new standards in melanoma detection – which is saving lives enabled through early detection.”