Today, the annual general meeting of 2023 was held in SciBase Holding AB (publ) (the “Company” or “SciBase”). Below follows a summary of the resolutions passed at the annual general meeting.

The annual general meeting resolved:

  • to adopt the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet and the group profit and loss statement and the group balance sheet for the financial year 2022;
  • that SEK 171,885,712 shall be carried forward in new account and that no dividend shall be paid;
  • to grant the board members and the CEO discharge from liability for the financial year 2022;
  • that the board of directors shall consist of five ordinary members without deputy members and that a registered accounting firm shall be elected as auditor;
  • that the fees payable to the board of directors for the period until the end of the next annual general meeting shall be SEK 200,000 for the chairman of the board and SEK 150,000 to each of the other ordinary board members (who are not employed by a larger shareholder in the Company) and that fees payable to the auditor is to be paid in accordance with approved invoices;
  • for the period until the end of the next annual general meeting, to re-elect Tord Lendau, Diana Ferro, Thomas Taapken, Matt Leavitt and Jvalini Dwarkasing as board members, to re-elect Tord Lendau as chairman of the board of directors and to re-elect the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers AB (PwC) as auditor for the Company, with Magnus Lagerberg as auditor-in-charge;
  • to adopt principles for the appointment of a nomination committee (same principles as previous year);
  • to change the articles of association so that the wording of section 4 in the articles of association is revised from "The company's share capital shall be no less than SEK 1,500,000 and no more than SEK 6,000,000." to "The company's share capital shall be no less than SEK 5,990,000 and no more than SEK 23,960,000." and the wording of section 5 in the articles of association is revised from "The number of shares shall be no less than 30,000,000 and no more than 120,000,000." to "The number of shares shall be no less than 119,800,000 and no more than 479,200,000."; and
  • to authorize the board of directors to increase the share capital through issuance of new shares, warrants and/or convertible debentures. Through issuances resolved upon with support from the authorisation - with deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights - the number of shares issued, or number of shares created in connection with exercise of warrants or conversion of convertibles, shall correspond to not more than a 20 per cent dilution of the share capital and the number of shares and votes in the Company after such issue(s).

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Simon Grant, CEO SciBase
Tel: +46 72 887 43 99

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Vator Securities

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About SciBase and Nevisense
SciBase is a global medical technology company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, that has developed a unique point of care platform for the non-invasive detection of skin cancer and other skin conditions. SciBase is a pioneer within augmented intelligence, combining artificial intelligence with Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) to provide objective information that assists dermatologists and others in clinical decision-making. SciBase's products include Nevisense and Nevisense Go and to date the platform addresses the areas of melanoma detection, non-melanoma skin cancer detection and skin barrier assessment. Nevisense is the only FDA-approved device for the detection of melanoma and the only MDR-approved technology for skin cancer detection in Europe. SciBase's technology is based on more than 20 years of academic research at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information please visit  All press-releases and financial reports can be found here :