Our Mission

SciBase develops and commercializes Nevisense, a unique point-of-care platform that combines AI (artificial intelligence) and advanced EIS technology to elevate diagnostic accuracy, ensuring proactive skin health management.

Our unique platform


The unique Nevisense platform utilizes advanced EIS- technology combined with AI to empower healthcare professionals by improving diagnostic accuracy, enabling disease monitoring, and facilitating early detection of skin cancer. The Nevisense procedure is non-invasive and provides clinicians with objective and actionable data, at point-of-care. It has been developed based on 20+ years of research from the Karolinska Institute and several years of clinical experience.
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Our commitment

At SciBase we stay true to our commitment is to minimize patient suffering, allowing clinicians to improve and save lives through timely detection and intervention at the first signs of skin diseases and to reduce healthcare costs.

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Skin Barrier Assessment

For Atopic Dermatitis

Nevisense is a unique, AI-based platform for the non-invasive, assessment of the skin barrier function. The measurements provide researchers with objective and actionable data at point-of-care. Nevisense provides healthcare professionals with the ability to monitor therapeutic improvements and disease progression, while detect non-visual and subclinical inflammation.

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